Designated as a World UNESCO Heritage Site, this already begins to infer the pure beauty and heritage to be found in Bath. Innovative, fashionable, effervescent, historic and packed full of personality, there is no city quite like Bath. To exemplify this, in which other city can you bathe in Roman style baths or in naturally hot spa water? The answer is only in Bath and that is why it is the premier spa destinations for people all around the world in need of a day of pampering and relaxation. Spa weekend anyone?

Who knew pampering could be a source of historic value and insight? As well as naturally warm and mineral rich, the 1,170,000 litres of spring water which still pump to this day also contain historical richness because it has played a prevailing role in Bath's history. As one of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the UK, there is so much authentic history to explore between the baths themselves, the cobbled walkways and the abundance of chambers. One stop that you cannot miss is the infamous Pump Room where you are able to take a sip of history by drinking Roman Bath water. Hesitant? The water is rumoured to be filled with 42 magical minerals that are laced with healing powers; definitely something to bottle up! However, you are also able to do as the Romans did because in Bath you have the unique opportunity to act as a Roman due to the award-winning Thermae Bath Spa which holds a central location in the city. You too have the chance to lounge and soak in the pleasure of the natural warm waters that can be found in the Thermae Bath Spa-just as they did only a mere 2,000 years ago! 

Apart from the luxurious pampering and peace provided by the historic baths, another globally-renowned landmark that makes Bath recognisable the world over is The Royal Crescent. Built over 230 years ago, the thirty exquisite Grade 1 Listed terrace houses are filled with history and have acted as a home for many a famous face. Surrounding the Royal Victoria Park, the pure opulence and grandeur of The Royal Crescent cannot be denied and as it is one of the most exemplary and finest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK, it is irrefutable that nothing else can compare. 

However the elegance, glamour and heritage does not stop there. Bath is also home to one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, Puteney Bridge, and what brings that extra edge of splendour is how it is only one of a few bridges in the world to have stores built into it. A bridge with stunning views, it compliments wonderfully the feelings of history, culture and romance in the air. The Holburne Museum only continues to epitomize the grandness of Bath; as its magnificent architecture and grounds clearly infer. Now housing a superb collection of the finest art, there are always new treasures to unearth and it literally feels like a journey to the past with the majestic ballroom being fully adorned to the degree that it looks like dinner is about to be served.

However, there is always a perfect time to stop and eat at some of the finest cafes and restaurants that adorn Bath. Whether it is a fine-dining experience at a top Michelin starred restaurant; a feel-good British time in a traditional pub or even the sampling of a Bath favourite, Afternoon Tea, there is always a delectable bite to eat within easy reach. 

Bath's diverse range of enthralling museums also give visitors a chance to learn all about the Roman and Georgian eras-even down to their clothing as depicted in the Fashion Museum. However, moving from history to culture, Bath's renowned creative spirit means there are a range of arts & crafts and theatre experiences on offer to keep the whole family amused. Whatever time of the year you arrive, there is guaranteed to be something fun happening as Bath is renowned for its annual selection of festivities including everything from the Bath Comedy Festival to the Jane Austen Festival. Moreover, whether you come to Bath to enjoy a spa weekend, to engage in business or to even visit the setting of two of Jane Austen’s most renowned works (Persuasion and Northanger Abbey); we will source the perfect accommodation for you so that you can enjoy the ultimate city-break.