Where can a treasure trove of entertainment, thrilling fun and adventure be found? The short answer is Blackpool because complete with a mammoth array of adrenaline pumping fun from the Pleasure Beach to the Blackpool Dungeons, it is undeniable that this is the ultimate family holiday destination. With the sheer number of exhilarating and enchanting attractions, more than one visit is necessary to fully capitalise on all the fun and happy memories that the UK’s favourite seaside resort can provide.

We all reminisce on those childhood days of visits to the beach; frolicking out on the warm sand, dipping our toes in the freezing water and munching on some salivating inducing fish and chips. Thankfully, those days can only be relived with a visit to Blackpool. In our memories, it may have only just been a few fairground attractions such as a gentle catchy tune of the carousel or the addictive games in the arcade; however Blackpool’s amusement park takes thrills to a whole new level. Complete with the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land as well as a few rollercoaster monsters including the renowned Pepsi Max Big One, there is no denying that this amusement park is a popular one with children and inner-children alike. The thrills continue but only become a bit wetter when you also factor in the UK’s largest indoor water park: Sandcastle Waterpark. With over 18 slides ranging from the leisurely to the outright hold on for your life end of the spectrum, you are guaranteed a fun filled and soak-ridden experience!

Another one of the attractions that best symbolizes the dynamic and effervescent atmosphere to be found in Blackpool is the Blackpool Tower. Towering at the mere height of 518ft tall, Blackpool Tower packs in five major attractions meaning the family will definitely be kept busy for a while! Most iconic is a 4D Cinema Experience which documents the history of the UK’s favourite seaside town and the resplendent dancing haven known as The Blackpool Tower Ballroom whose splendour and glamour is renowned on the global stage. Further attractions include The Blackpool Tower Circus and the Blackpool Tower Dungeon; both are sure to have their audience open mouthed with astonishment be it from the gruesome tellings of the plague or from watching the most breathtaking acrobatic feats. Either way, a camera is certainly a must in order to document these wondrous sights!

The family fun continues at the award-winning Blackpool Zoo which is the residence to more than 1, 000 species of animals ranging from mammals to reptiles and provides over 32 acres of stunning land for the children to run free around. If you are a true nature fanatic, Sea Life Blackpool continues the animal-orientated fun with over 1, 000 dazzling sea life creatures to be admired and gasped at. Similarly, if celebrities are a bit more of your thing than animals, the selfie-haven of Madame Tussauds provides you with a chance to get up close and personal with your favourite famous faces.

With the fairground atmosphere of dazzling colours; exciting sounds and tantalising smells of both delightful food and the fresh sea, your senses will be heightened to all new levels. However, when you factor in the UK’s most famous light show, The Blackpool Illuminations, they may just go into overload. Blackpool is ablaze and animated with light and dazzling colours as it is, so basking in the imagination and innovation of the Illuminations only makes for the ultimate visitor experience and it truly is a must-do.

If you need a bit of a break from all the action packed fun, there is always the scenic beach to take a walk along. Alternatively, if you are looking for a different method of getting the heart racing, a browse in the mammoth Houndshill Shopping Centre would not go amiss nor would a unique experience shopping at Bonny Street market, Blackpool’s largest open air market, which takes place regularly and where you can pocket everything from knitwear to fishing equipment.

Having been the face of UK tourism for over 100 years, business tourism is also starting to come to the forefront as Blackpool contains venues which can cater from 2, 000 to 5, 000 delegates. Likewise, as they always say: work hard, play hard. Somehow mixing business and pleasure in Blackpool might not be too hard because if there is anything that can be guaranteed with a stay in Blackpool, it is that there will never be a boring moment.