Due to its seaside location, a stay in Brighton will invoke all the senses. From the smell of the fresh sea air to the infectious sounds of laughter and happiness, you will be surrounded by all the vibrant colours and freedom often associated with the beach and the plethora of fun-filled attractions to be found there. If there is anything that can be said with certainty about Brighton is that it is not lacking in diversity nor energy- it is truly a place for everyone from those seeking a seaside holiday to those wanting to bask in the dynamism of the city. This helps to explain why Brighton has often been voted in the Top 10 for city break beach destinations and nothing quite typifies this such as the seamless swap between daytime innocence to a blazing nightlife scene.

Typically top of a bucket list to a visit in Brighton is the mighty seaside. Many of Brighton’s most beloved attractions are located there from the seaside shopping haven of Brighton’s Marina to the infamous pebble beach to the towering Brighton Wheel which affords breathtaking views of the coast and Brighton’s exquisite architecture. Of course who can forget the iconic Brighton Pier which is reminiscent of the past yet abuzz with a youthful energy; it is the ultimate British Victorian pier that offers food, fairground attractions and many a happy memory. Similarly, what is a seaside trip without a trip to the aquarium? A stunning Victorian building, Brighton Aquarium is the world’s oldest operating aquarium and an entrancing journey through the depths of the seas is certainly guaranteed as you will come into close contact with all kinds of fascinating marine species.

It is not all about the sea life however. You will also be riveted by Brighton’s engaging heritage with its three leading historical attractions being the utterly elegant timeless setting of Preston Manor; the eclectic collection of art work to be found in Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and the dazzling stunning architecture of The Royal Pavilion which is resplendent with royal art works and the sweet smell of beautiful gardens. There is nothing quite like the blend of elegant sophistication and carefree fun, and no city manages this quite like Brighton whose dazzling seaside sights are only backdrop to the splendour of Regency architecture. There is much heritage to be soaked in from Brighton’s visually aesthetic architecture due to it telling the story from many an historical period from the Regency era to the Victorian era.

What makes Brighton such an enticing place to visit is that funky, trendy vibe it has going on with its seaside being seen as one of the most fashionable in the UK. How? Between the beach and the Cultural Quarter, Brighton is ablaze with innovation and creativity due to the quirkiest and hippest restaurants, cafes, night clubs and stores now lining its seaside promenade. If you are looking for that boundless artistic energy, you will find it in abundance in Brighton for it is encompassed in the attractions and architecture alike. You will find it no more than in the unique, retro retail experiences of The Lanes and North Laine as well as in England’s largest arts festivals: The Brighton Festival and The Brighton Fringe. Entertainment, showbiz and music are in no shortage here; particularly with the iconic Brighton Royal Theatre- a magnificent Grade II listed building that is never-ending in terms of the performances it exhibits.

This perfect blend between city and seaside caters perfectly to the needs of business travellers also with Brighton being viewed as a leading conference centre destination. Being less than an hour’s journey from London, Brighton’s infrastructure and ease of access greatly facilitates business travellers. Therefore, it is clear that this modern, pulsating and effervescent city discriminates against no one and can meet the needs of everyone from those looking for a weekend break with friends to a well-deserved family break for fun in the sun and sea.