It may be a popular 21st century city, but you can tell just by looking at Chester the wealth of history that it is steeped in. It is due to this history that spans over 2,000 years that Chester makes for such an unforgettable city break experience because aesthetically, it is stunning to look at, and it makes for a captivating visit where there is no shortage of attractions to stop by. Certainly many a visitor would agree with this, as due to the warm ambiance emitting from the historical walls, the vibrant atmosphere has enticed many a global visitor from all over the world to pay Chester a well-deserved visit.

Chester is renowned around the world for a plethora of accolades. For instance, when it comes to history alone, Chester has the most complete city walls, the oldest racecourse, the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain; a 1000 year old cathedral and 700 year old unique shopping rows. If this were not enough reason for Chester to reign supreme when it comes to winning all the awards, it also contains the Chester Zoo: the most frequented visitor attraction outside of the capital. Therefore, to surmise, it is clear that Chester has a lot riding for it!

Chester has witnessed it all, Romans, Vikings & Norman Invaders, and all of it has been weaved intently in Chester’s historical tapestry. Just one step into Chester and you can discover the history embedded in its infrastructure. All the stories to be told have been written in The City Walls, the Cathedral, The Rows, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Racecourse and the River Dee and each of these attractions deserves a visit. In fact, a 2 mile walk around the walls is the perfect icebreaker to begin to get to know Chester while engaging in some leisurely exercise.

The stand out attraction amongst all Chester has to offer has to be the centre piece of the city that is the 1000 year old Chester Cathedral: a true archaeological marvel. Standing regally over the city, the medieval carvings that can be discovered in its walls are some of the finest in Europe which is why it is essential to bring a camera when stopping by this magnificent ancient abbey.

With so much to discover, the best way to discover all the enchanting fun that Chester has to offer is probably aboard one of the trusty open-top or heritage buses where you can see all the sights and hear all the enthralling knowledge from the best seat in the house. For those who prefer to make the journey themselves, guided walking tours also offer a comprehensive insight into this city that is so alive with history.

One of the leading attractions, both in Chester and in the UK, Chester Zoo is certainly one for the animal lovers. Being home to over 12,000 diverse and magnificent animals, some of which are the most endangered in the world, there are so many furry friends to encounter across the astounding 110 acres of gardens. Be it fierce big cats or fragile butterflies, every animal you can dream of can be found here and due to the thorough conservation efforts, every effort is made to preserve the life of the unique animals that can be found in the ground.  

Its legendary heritage does not make Chester any less of a retail hot spot as since the Middle Ages, it has been a bustling market town and its trading activities continue today. A particular unique retail highlight is the two-tier gallery of shops known as The Rows which have been in existence since the 700 years ago (although the products being sold have changed!) and are the oldest shopping facade in England. An alternative place to engage in some gift hunting or a pot of tea are the quirky specialist stores, tea rooms, restaurants and cafes that can be found in abundance along the quaint cobbled streets of Watergate Street. However, if you are all about the brands, these can still be found in the impressive Grosvenor Shopping Centre which is only minutes from the most popular visitor attractions.

Dabble with the past, visit Chester-it may be rooted in history, but that is why the modern tourist needs to visit it and when you choose to come, we can help you source the best in serviced apartment accommodation.