A thriving and bustling city with much to explore; when thinking about Dundee, innovation tends to be the word that comes to mind and it is for this reason that Dundee became the first UK city to be recognised by the United Nations as an official UNESCO City of Design.

In a city associated with innovation, education is also in abundance with the Dundee Science Centre being one to attend if you are in touch with your inner wacky scientist and like a little bit of interactive scientific fun and excitement. However, when the city and its habitants have not been designing or getting involved in the scientific field, they have also been exploring as reflected by The RRS Discovery which was the mighty vessel built in Dundee that aided Caption Scott in his expedition to the Antarctic. Now Dundee's premier five-star visitor attraction, it is The Discovery's turn to be explored and is therefore one not to be missed.

If art and culture are more your style, then there is still plenty in Dundee to keep you occupied. Between the stunning The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery & Museum and the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre which present some of the finest art to be admired in Scotland, the themes of personal creation and expression live on. A particular highlight will be the 2018 opening of the V&A Museum of Design Dundee which will hopefully solidify Dundee's reputation on the cultural stage. 

However, there are also many impressive works of creativity, imagination and design to be admired in the city centre's premier attraction: the Overgate Shopping Centre. The only single sided shopping centre in Europe, the Overgate Centre is held in such high regards for the most current and favoured brands it beholds from tempting department stores to the well-known high street brands. The pedestrianized High Street offers a similar retail heaven complete with trendy restaurants and cafes to provide the perfect place to relax with your shopping bags. Alternatively, the unique luxuries and treats of the Cultural Quarter with its eclectic range of independent retailers, jewellers and boutiques may be more to your liking. Conversely, if you are looking for a different kind of work-out, there are 32 golf courses around Dundee that are awaiting some competitive spirit as are the Ice Arena and Olympia Swimming Pool. 

Despite this reputation as a major retail and entertainment hub, that is not to say there are no places in which tranquillity and nature can be found and treasured. With Dundee only being 4 miles away from the beautiful seaside suburb of Broughty Ferry, often known as the "Jewel in Dundee's Crown", there are stunning coastal views and walkways just minutes away that are waiting to be admired and explored. Similarly, for a chance to really reach for the stars, take a venture up to Britain's only full-time public observatory, The Mills Observatory, which is home to magnificent telescopes and a fascinating astronomy exhibition. Thanks to the stunning views of the stars and the planets it provides, this is the perfect activity for both day and night.

From creations that cover the medical field to comic books, including favourites such as The Beano and The Dandy, Dundee has certainly made its mark on the world. However, now it is time to make yours here in this progressive city, and “The Apartment Collection – By The Spires”  is more than eager to help you with this by sourcing the best in serviced apartment accommodation.