A magnificent Gothic cathedral that has the reputation of being one of England’s most striking medieval ones, Exeter Cathedral towers with pride over Exeter as testament to its rich heritage. While prime attractions like the Royal Albert Memorial, the Roman Wall and the Underground Passages only go to strengthen this imagery of an ancient city, this is not to say that Exeter fully lives in the past for amongst all this history, Exeter is in fact a pulsating and effervescent city which remains current in today’s modern bustling life.

Two iconic Exeter locations that can only reinforce the myriad of history that Exeter is built upon include the Castle Quarter and the Cathedral Quarter; both of which clearly allude to the treasures they behold. Both the Castle and Gardens are rooted in deep history with Northernhay Gardens being of particular importance because within it, amongst all the stunning seasonal horticultural masterpieces and displays, you can find a Roman wall as well as the only length of Saxon town wall to be seen in England. To continue the immersive journey to the past, in the Castle Quarter you can discover the stunning splendour of Exeter Castle and the Northernhay and Rougemont Gardens. As a popular location for unique events and special occasions, there is always some event occurring at the beautiful castle and its grounds; the most renowned of which is the Exeter Food Festival. Similarly, within Cathedral Quarter, as well as having the opportunity to learn about Exeter’s Cathedral’s 900 year history through the significant historical documents it possesses and to admire its two breathtaking Norman towers, its lush Cathedral Yard also presents an atmospheric place to bask in the sun and admire the views.

However, there is more than just history to Exeter and consequently within the popular High Street and Princesshay quarters, this is where you discover the fun that co-exists during the day and night. The hub of the city, within the High Street quarter you can find the Guildhall Shopping Centre as well as the charming Gandy Street which is quite the daytime and night time hotspot due to its abundance of traditional restaurants and pubs. However, there is also further history in the air even in the city centre as within minutes of the High Street, you can find the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery with contains displays and exhibitions so spectacular, it even led to the Museum winning the ultimate accolade of “Museum of the Year 2012”.

Princesshay quarter is a particular favourite for engaging in some cheeky retail therapy as it is home to a unique collection of over 60 restaurants and shops (as well as some captivating public art!). However, for a more unique experience, the Topsham district certainly presents a different atmosphere because whilst it is undoubtedly filled with a cosmopolitan buzz, it simultaneously remains a charming and historic estuary port.  Therefore, this duality is reflected in its collection of specialist and independent stores, galleries and antiques as well as in its award-winning array of restaurants.

It may be historic, but that does not stop Exeter from coming alive at night. Whether you want to be entertained by an enthralling West-End play, a hysterical comedian or have your ears soothed by the latest music act, Exeter has a venue to satisfy all including The Corn Exchange, Northcott Theatre and The Phoenix. Moreover, your appetite will not go unsatisfied either as Exeter is every foodie’s paradise with it often being viewed as one of the food capitals of the South-East. What makes it this way? Well, Exeter caters to all discerning pallets with a supply of food that is often locally sourced and then transformed into gastronomic masterpieces by some of the best chefs. With stylish fine-dining restaurants, continental cafes and weekly rustic farmer’s markets, there is certainly something to satisfy every taste bud. In particular, one of Exeter’s crowning food highlights is the Exeter Street Food Market which is always much anticipated.

From the Historic Quayside to the West Quarter, the past resonates strongly through Exeter as can be reflected in its picturesque architecture; its busting town centre and peaceful gardens. There is much to be explored in Exeter and whenever you decide to come and see all that this ancient yet vibrant city has to offer, we are ready to help you with all your accommodation needs.