Everyone always wants to escape to an exotic island for a holiday break, and while Jersey may be no Hawaii, that does not detract from it still being the ultimate getaway destination. As an island, and the largest of the Channel Islands, there is a wealth of stunning tranquil beaches to explore and a plentiful supply of activities and attractions to keep everyone satisfied.

It is irrefutable that the island on which Jersey lies is made up of history with castles and war tunnels to stand as testament to this. Having been an island for 8,000 years, clearly there is a lot of history to be unearthed when you stay in Jersey. Nothing epitomises this quite like the Mont Orgueil Castle, which for over 600 years protected Jersey from a French invasion, and the Jersey War Tunnels; one of the most iconic and historically important attractions on the island. Hauntingly captivating, the Tunnels convey the stories and anguish of the German Occupation of Jersey and the ultimate relief at liberation after five years of Occupation. Moreover, the ultimate destination for any history buff is the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery which charters the extensive history of the island across 250,000 years and looks at the events which ultimately influenced the island and its inhabitants in how they lived their lives. Other prime historical sites include the unforgettable rocky islet of Elizabeth Castle which at one point was home to Sir Walter Raleigh as well as the requisite Maritime Museum which offers a fully immersive and interactive experience to convey the strong bond between Jersey and the sea.

It may be an island, but as Jersey doubles up as an important offshore centre for international finance, the wealth from this and its booming banking industry can be reflected in the rich collection of shops including tempting designer labels that are on offer. Although not being resident to major shopping centres, this does not detract from a sublime retail experience at all because instead there is an enticing collection of pedestrianised streets that are lined with charming and quaint independent stores; welcoming markets; stylish boutiques as well as familiar brands. Whether you are looking for beautiful flowers, unique knick-knacks or hand-made jewellery or crafts, it all can be found in Jersey.

Similarly, due to its exotic roots in having both French and English influences, of course this makes for an absolutely delectable culinary scene which encompasses elegant cocktail bars, European cafes, Michelin starred fine dining and of course, a salivating abundance of sea food restaurants. Due to its location near the shores as well as its English-French fusion, you would be hard pressed to find a place that offers a higher standard of cuisine.

With its status as an island, of course one of the biggest draws to Jersey is its outstandingly beautiful natural landscape which essentially makes it an island of flowers. After a long day’s exploring, there is nothing better than relaxing and admiring nature’s gifts at stunning locations including Reg’s Garden, Le Noir Pre Orchid Field and Jersey Lavender Farm. Similarly, the stunning sea vistas and the plethora of tranquil beaches to relax at truly make for the ultimate getaway. However, do not let the tranquillity lull you into believing that Jersey is solely small island life, there is always a host of engaging entertainment occurring including a buzzing live music scene; cinemas; theatres and clubs.

Everyone needs a tropical island break and where better than Jersey? Let The Apartment Collection sort your accommodation out so you can sit and back and visualize the warm sand between your toes and the cocktail in your hand.