With the traditions of a quintessential English city, Leicester is still very much an animated 21st century cosmopolitan city that is a myriad of culture, diversity and entertainment despite its 2000 year history.

When it comes to history, certainly Leicester’s biggest claim to fame on the world stage is the fact that in 2012, it was discovered to be the final resting place of King Richard III. Therefore, no trip to Leicester is complete without an insight into the life of the final Plantagenet King of England and no museum better encapsulates the life and death of King Richard III quite like the dedicated King Richard III Visitor Centre which blends modern, interactive design & technology to create the ultimate engaging learning experience. For visitors who want to fully immerse themselves in King Richard III’s past, other key Leicester sights include the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre which was the battle site that witnessed the death of King Richard III and the rise of a Tudor dynasty. Alternatively, there are even walking tours that explore all the locations where King Richard III is rumoured to have visited such as the medieval Guildhall, the Roman wall and Leicester Castle's gateways and Great Hall.

However, there is more to Leicester’s historical tapestry than just King Richard III. Since 1849, there is a community of five museums that have continued to expand across Leicester in terms of both scale and importance. As a result, you are now able to broaden your horizons by discovering all the hidden gems that are to be found in the likes of the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Abbey Pumping Station, Jewry Wall and Newarke Houses Museum & Gardens. From learning about Leicester’s citizens as they have existed since the prehistoric period, to discovering the galleries that encompass both culture and nature in Leicester’s original museum, Leicester is truly an enthralling journey to the past.

However, Leicester is not just a city that lives in the past as exemplified by it being home to the UK’s largest attraction dedicated to space exploration: the National Space Centre. With over 150 world-class exhibits that include rockets and satellites, it is certainly a National Space Centre that will blow you and your family out of this world and into the future! 

Moreover, Leicester is certainly a place for broadening your horizons, and narrowing the size of your wallet! With its own dedicated Cultural Quarter, it is readily apparent how important the arts and diversity are to this city.  For instance, in Leicester you are able to meet Hollywood, Bollywood and the West End due to its plethora of entertainment venues and cinemas including the renowned likes of the ultra-modern “The Curve” (which stages productions straight from the West End) and the independent film theatre, the Phoenix, which doubles as Leicester's local home of digital art. In similar fashion to its diverse range of entertainment and attractions, Leicester does not just feature the nationally beloved brands that can be found in the Highcross and Haymarket Shopping Centres, but also includes the presence of many unique, niche and specialised galleries, cafes and stores which can be found in iconic local Leicester areas such as Church Gate, the Golden Mile and Market Street.

Therefore, it is highly evident that if you are looking for a journey to the past and a journey around the world, a venture around the historic yet stylishly cosmopolitan city of Leicester is a must. Filled to the brim with diverse shops, entertainment, festivals and the finest dining scene, Leicester definitely has the air of a different time and a different place. Make sure a trip to Leicester with The Spires is on your travel list!