When it is considered how Reading is the UK’s number one city when it comes to economic success and well-being, it is no surprise that Reading has a cemented position as a thriving business destination. Add on Reading’s proximity to London; its generous supply of some of the biggest players in business such as Microsoft as well as an infrastructure that is designed to ease the process of doing business, it is inevitable that Reading is a town frequented by many a business traveller.

However, Reading is more than just a prime business destination; it is also a dominant retail location with it being second best only to London when it comes to the wealth of renowned shopping labels that it boasts. Between some of the world’s most beloved brands that can be found in the Oracle and Broad Street Shopping Centres as well as the chic independent boutiques and stores located on the high street, you will not be coming home empty handed from this retail paradise.

If you are looking for fun that stretches beyond the shops, then you are in luck as Reading sits on the doorstep of two of the UK’s favourite visitor attractions: Legoland and Windsor Castle. With over fifty engaging rides and attractions, there is a plentiful supply of adventures to be had in Legoland for all the family. Conversely, nothing can qualify quite as a royal day-trip such as a venture to Windsor Castle due to it being famous not just for being the oldest castle in the world, but also for being the Official Residence of Her Majesty the Queen.

Windsor Castle is not the only place where you can feel history in the air, as Reading is filled to the brim with captivating museums. From the Museum of Reading which documents Reading’s own history to museums that cover all invigorating subject matters from aviation to Reading’s own rivers, it is clear that there is something for everyone. Speaking of rivers, there is plenty of splash-tastic fun to be had on the River Thames alone whether you are cruising it or walking leisurely alongside. Other fun to be had involving in nature comes in the form of The Forbury Gardens, the nationally regarded Victorian formal garden.

Whether you visit for leisure or fun, a successful day always ends with a cheeky drink and a scrumptious dinner- something which the delectable abundance of restaurants covering all cuisines can provide. Moreover, whenever you visit, there is always something thrilling going on with Reading hosting an event of some sort per month from the quirky likes of a Pancake Race to the world’s oldest rock festival; The Reading Festival. Therefore, whenever you decide to experience all that Reading has to offer, it is always a good time to go.