There is nowhere in the UK with quite such a strong bond with the sea as Southampton. Known as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton has a 500 year heritage when it comes to maritime activities and shipbuilding.  However there is more than just the fresh sea air which draws people to this prosperous, bustling city, as Southampton is also recognised as a retail and cultural capital of the south coast. Additionally known as a “Gateway to the world” due to its strong transportation links, it is no surprise that Southampton is popular with business and leisure guests alike.

Most of Southampton’s finest attractions and events clearly revolve around the sea. A particular highlight is the dynamic and pioneering SeaCity Museum which documents Southampton’s relationship with sea; including its Titanic connection. Within the walls of this heavily engaging museum, you will hear the stories of those who have come and gone from Southampton. Moreover, the annual Southampton Boat Show is the city’s grandest alluring event as it is renowned around the world and therefore attracts guests and exhibitors from each and every part of the globe. Over 100 boats make an appearance, new and old, as do many a celebrity; only going to reflect how big this event is on the social calendar due to it being the largest purpose built marina show in the UK.

However, Southampton’s rich heritage is rooted in more than just its maritime pastime. Its most historic property, The Tudor House, has stood for over 900 years and therefore contains the stories of all that Southampton has witnessed over that rather extensive period. Having been excellently restored with sterling new displays, visitors are able to learn about the array of its inhabitants raging from wealthy to poor and to witness just how different modern 21st century life is from back in the day.  

There is a whole of alternative entertainment to keep visitors satisfied from the internationally renowned Southampton City Art Gallery which features over eight centuries of the finest art to the Solent Sky Museum which tells of Southampton’s alternative success story: aviation. Family days and nature trips can be taken in abundance thanks to the Itchen Valley Country Park and Go Ape and your wallet can also be taken for an venture due to Southampton being the southern coast’s shopping hot spot with the WestQuay Shopping Centre being a particular highlight.

With its status as a cruise capital, it is no surprise to hear that a majority of Southampton’s economic success comes from its world-class port. Between the port and its leading UK dockyard, in excess of £2 billion is contributed to the economy.  The presence of over 7, 000 businesses further enhances the economy of this city often believed to be one of the best places to live and work in the UK. Therefore, it is no surprise that Southampton is often frequented by business travellers particularly thanks to its reputation as a Conference & Convention destination and the provision of over 200 fine venue locations.

Clearly there is a lot going on Southampton’s world-famous waters, however there is equally as much going on its beautiful land with a treasure trove of events; engaging visitor attractions and warm hospitality. Whether you are coming to Southampton for a tranquil coastal holiday; for business or just in preparation to sail the seas, we can source you the finest serviced apartment accommodation (available on land!).