St Albans

With a skyline dominated by a magnificent Cathedral, it can already begin to be inferred how St. Albans is a Cathedral City steeped in fascinating history and exquisite architecture galore.  Once a quintessential English market town, St Albans has blossomed into a modern commuter hub and is filled with luscious green spaces to play in; exciting Roman ruins to be admired and the finest supply of independent restaurants and stores to take a cheeky browse in.

After 2000 years of human occupation, it is no surprise that St Albans has many a fascinating story to tell when it comes to its history. Nothing exemplifies this quite like the city’s headline attraction, The St Albans Cathedral, whose architecture has been amalgamated from many a different century. Similarly, to fully discover St Albans transformative journey from market town to bustling commuter hub, The Museum of St Albans is certainly the place to go as between the special exhibitions and galleries, it certainly charts St Albans captivating story in an engaging fashion. Wanting the best view in the house? The Clock Tower affords extensive and stunning views of the idyllic Hertfordshire landscape and is even a piece of history itself because it is the sole medieval town belfry left in England and is even a symbol of civic pride.  

For any Roman era fanatic, St Albans is certainly a place to get their history fix predominantly because St Albans is one of the most extensive Roman settlements in the UK. The award-winning The Verulamium Museum houses Roman artefacts from the Roman city of Verulamium providing visitors with the perfect insight into what life as a Roman was like. Similarly, the only visible Roman theatre in the UK as well as a Roman Mosaic are attractions that cannot be missed for a full Roman experience

Its history as a traditional market town is still reflected in St Albans’ abundance of charming independent store and local sellers. Similarly, its local markets are also major selling points with the St Albans Traditional Street Market and the Farmer Markets helping to balance out the modernity of shopping centres housing the latest brands. Between the shopping, history and its wealth of uplifting festivals, it is clear that St Albans should be a destination on anyone’s travel list particularly with its 30 minute proximity to the country’s most thriving business and entertainment hub: London.