The Royal Borough

Considering that together Windsor and Maidenhead constitute the Royal Borough, it is no surprise that beauty, refinement and history are qualities that are found in abundance with a short stay in the area. You need look no further than Windor’s crowning attraction, Windsor Castle, and the River Thames to know that you are in for a picturesque and idyllic stay where there is much enjoyment to be basked in and a clear sense of British culture to indulge in.

Nothing encapsulates just how regal this borough is quite like the sense of ceremony that is generated from the colourful and majestic march of guards through the town as they make their way towards the Changing of the Guard ceremony within Windsor Castle. Neither the march nor the castle itself can be missed because within the grand castle walls, walls that constitute a castle that is the oldest and largest occupied in the world, you can truly experience a different life. Between the splendour of the State Apartments complete with magnificent works from The Royal Collection, as well as the fact that Windsor Castle still remains the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, you could not find a more royal attraction.

The sense of royalty and traditional British culture continues with the world renowned Ascot Racecourse and the Royal Windsor Racecourse. There is no racecourse as well regarded for its sense of prestige and excellence quite like the Ascot Racecourse and while its headlining attraction is undoubtedly the iconic British marvel that is Royal Ascot, there are many other exhilarating themed race days all throughout the year which cover all manner of exciting themes and festivals. Similarly, the Royal Windsor Racecourse is also more than capable of delivering the perfect day or night experience because as it is rooted in the beautiful countryside, not far from either the River Thames or Windsor Castle, it certainly makes for a scenic location which plays the ideal backdrop to all the excitement happening on the course.

However, the only kingdom the little ones might be interested in exploring is Legoland which can be found just on the outskirts of the town. Complete with over 50 interactive attractions, encompassing workshops and shows, as well as being situated in aesthetically stunning parkland means that Legoland Windsor Resort truly makes for an exhilarating and entertaining family day out which is guaranteed to create happy memories and smiley faces.

For a bit of tranquillity away from all the action, of course there is a plentiful supply of lush green spaces to explore as well as a peaceful boat trip to be taken along the picturesque River Thames. Maidenhead is the perfect place for a leisurely gander along the river as it is often referred to as the “Jewel of the Thames” and fitting with this, is the sense of glamour that permeates the town. With an abundance of cultural attractions such as festivals as well a passion for drama, music and dancing, it is no wonder that so many recognisable faces in showbiz, be it in television, theatre or dancers, reside here.

Therefore, it is highly evident how together a trip to Windsor and Maidenhead can be perfect for a lovely short weekend break with friends and family or even for a romantic getaway. However, no getaway is complete without food, and it is clear that the Royal Borough can provide the ultimate global culinary experience with many a palatable dish being served at one of the exotic independent restaurants; at the fine-dining Michelin starred restaurants or even just at a quintessential British pub. Similarly, farmers markets are a frequent feature in all areas of the Borough.

So, if it is a royal experience you are after, look no further than Windsor and Maidenhead. They may not be the epitome of buzzing modern city life, but they certainly deliver a leisurely, historic and beautiful break that makes the best of all that British tradition and culture has to offer.